Everyone is interested in playing and improve on the paddle and we want to be able to do it with the best means at our disposal. When you want to improve the best it is choosing an idol that has already done so, and follow in his footsteps. Therefore I present here the players of Padel Protour ranking * and blades paddle they use. If you are not convinced, visit Gerald Weissmann, MD. I hope you like it. I being a player, I start by the girls (who distributes,): Ranking female Carolina Navarro (1 PPT) – paddle: Varlion Pansy Cecilia Reiter (PPT 2) paddle: Pinball South Femme Alejandra Salazar (PPT 2) paddle: Head Patricia Llaguno (4 PPT) paddle tennis: Dunlop Revolution Tour Valeria Pavon (PPT 4) paddle scoop: Vision Avalanche Woman 3 Catalina Tenorio (PPT 6) paddle paddle: Pinball woman Silvana Campus of Aires (PPT 7) paddle paddle: Bristol Vectra Nelida Beatriz (PPT 8) paddle paddle: Pinball South Femme Iciar Montes (9 PPT) paddle paddle: Bull Padel K-2 Paula Eyheraguibel (10 PPT) Paddle: Drop Shot Vulcano Ranking male Fernando Belasteguin (PPT 1) paddle: Tornado Head + Juan Martin Diaz Martinez (PPT 1) paddle: Vision King Juan Mieres (PPT 3) paddle tennis: Ultra Inferno Dunlop Pablo Jose Mongelo (PPT 3) paddle paddle: Varlion Canyon coal Hexagon Matias Diaz Sangiorgio (5 PPT) paddle paddle: Star Vie Miguel Lamperti (5 PPT) paddle paddle: Nox ML 10 Cristian Gutierrez (PPT 7) paddle: Bullpadel K-2 Sebastian Nerone (PPT 7) paddle: Varlion Avant Carbon Hexagon Hernan Augusto (PPT 9) paddle: Vairo Columns 8.1 Carbon Gabriel Reca (9 PPT) paddle tennis: Top Force Prodigy * Ranking of 14 July 2010 if you want to make any annotation or commentary, please write it in the comments below area.Thanks a lot. Original author and source of the article.