We aren’t excellent for years, thanks to decentralization, has grown as the number of universities in Spain foam. There are 69, more than the number of provinces, and none of them among the best 100 in the world. In Valencia there are five public universities, two other Catholic, and nothing else in Valencia, other twelve private centres of higher education. A waste media but, according to the results, not so much talent. The two calls to deserve the rating of Campus of excellence, only a joint project of innovation and research at the two universities of Valencia has managed it. In the midst of this researcher Paramo, last occurrence has been the disputed International University. It was necessary to open another academic center in the community? We are yet to throw rockets? Did could not have been better to enhance what they already had and which has suffered cuts by the blissful crisis? It is seen that we do not learn; or within the University, or outside of it.

The squid up more submissive militants of the PP strategy support now that the legal defence of Francisco Camps has followed the worst of possible strategies. This would have been resolved in an instant if Camps there that year and a half who did not remember if blissful costumes were paid or not, but that it left there pasta if maybe I had something, I recognize, distressed, a charge of the match. Why would have received, at best, a noogie to something else, and judicial, butterfly. But not. The President fawning environment convinced him he enrocase, since its legal vicissitudes would only last a short time. And already come: every day produces a nut turn more in the case Gurtel. At last, the defense of Paco Camps has practiced the strategy of squid: throwing ink everywhere to obfuscate as well the alleged aggressor. But, rather than confuse the judge Pedreira, what has been achieved is angry at 226 people until now friends. Often success, therefore, of this squid!