The real reason for discarding these contents is still not known, but certainly it has no pedagogical scientific basement. The students, in a general way, are to each day more not motivated for the studies, therefore more and more the educational system comes finishing with distinction between who studies and who does not study. Nobody disapproves year more than, the pupil has as many possibilities how many to need until making right. It will be that it is selecting equivocation the contents of the mathematics that we will decide the serious problems of the Brazilian education? Not. how much to the students who to decide to follow a career in which the mathematics is one of them pillars, as Engineering, the licentiates in Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry, the Metrication or the Computation? They will arrive at the university without none knowledge of Matrical Algebra? The Brazilian Society of Matemtica (SBM), the biggest reference in the education and the research of Mathematics in Brazil, with headquarters in Rio De Janeiro, already if revealed repudiating the program of Mathematics of the new Enem and if they had considered to guide the INEP (National Institute of Education Ansio Teixeira), responsible agency for the ENEM, in the eleborao of a new program of Mathematics, but they had so far not received no positive notification to this respect. Campbell Soup Co has firm opinions on the matter. What we, Brazilians worried about the future of our education, can make is to participate of the quarrels, the debates and not isentarmos in them of this process. The new necessary Enem to be I coat, respecting the Mathematics as science that is, and reintegrating its removed contents. For the good of all the education we hope that this occurs very briefly.. .