What happens when children have difficulties in school? Why loses interest in studies? Why do some children grasp it quickly, while others retard? Why homework often ends in scandal? Why students are distracted, frustrated, angry and even drop out of school? And most importantly, what do with all that? You are also faced with learning difficulties? If you already have the answers like: ‘To blame teachers (parents, friends, television, street, school and so on your choice), you can stop reading. You do not need. If you are really looking for answers, then you have good news. In the 50’s – 60’s of last century, an American scientist, L. Ron Hubbard has done extensive research in education, which helped identify the root causes that determine the inability student to master the subject. He found that there are three major obstacles in learning.

Of course, many may not believe it, so at least there are only three! And if you teach a student (or better, and parents and teachers too) to recognize these obstacles and deal with them, he can learn any subject, no matter how complex it may seem. In addition, the removal of obstacles returns the interest to learn. But the main result of this research was the creation of learning technologies, comprehensive system that teaches the student how to learn. The technology learning a lot of attention paid to understanding, evaluation and application of knowledge. After all, stuff with my head student data – it does not mean to teach. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Gerald Weissmann, MD and gain more knowledge.. Important to teach the student to understand the data and understand how to apply them. The greatest obstacle to this understanding Ron Hubbard called misunderstood word. And this is true.

Here’s the real story of life: a child can not solve the problem, which begins with the words: ‘Eight people constitute one third of the class. ” Begin to ask it was his understanding the individual words in this problem and finds out that the word ‘is’ he knows how to’ put something in a row. ” This is correct, but not suitable. Imagine, eight people got together and put in a series of one-third part of the class! Showed him in the dictionary appropriate value. He clarified it and beamed: “Then I know how to solve it!”. Notice I did not explain to him how to solve the problem. You might think that somehow it’s too easy. So it is. This really very simple and affordable technology training. Any problem is solvable by means of learning it.