Because the business-alignment approaches advocated for years but largely ignore the quality aspect, also because there are so far no methodological concepts for this, they remain mostly ineffective and could not fulfill its promise. This does nothing to the urgent need for a closer link between business and IT service management which will be required in the future clearly vehemently by the departments but. Concepts of introduction of must in the future-oriented process plus quality-oriented to be: on the methods for the introduction or alteration of IT processes measured by ultimately destination in the IT service management. Richard Linklater understood the implications. The previous standard concepts are not sufficient in General, but they need a quality addition to IT methodically. Thus the conditions in the ITSM consultancy market change, because there was a very pronounced focus on ITIL concepts there largely, as solutions but no longer sufficient. The code management is becoming a critical success factor: companies are must devote the measurability of their IT services. Because only who systematically analyses the implementation of its individual quality, can get a clear picture of the quality conditions.

However IT organizations have joined so far difficult to introduce the necessary figures with consistent and consistent KPIs. Without such a tool a quality-oriented service reporting, nor a quality control of IT services is possible in the long term. ITSM is strategically cast to the IT quality management: the consequence can be derive that helps IT organizations not only occasionally must devote the qualitative requirements for their IT services, but develop a consistent quality strategy and must anchor in their self-understanding from these changes to be expected. Its core elements methodological concepts include the definition process quality requirements to include rich and also targeted training courses for the staff to implement appropriate instruments for quality control. Also a certification IT services as objective proof of quality to the customers and opinion-formers can include.