However in 2008, the Municipal director of the Education of Cornlio Procpio Appeared Maria Ribeiro de Oliveira, with its vast experience of educator, perceived the importance of the education of the English Language, as practical social and for the formation of critical citizens, from this inserted the same one in regular education. I READ it to Consequentemente became something innovative in the learning them children it our city, with contents systemize and professional of the area of Letters that took care of the fifteen schools of the city of Cornlio Procpio. Since then, the pupils had started to show interest motivation in learning as a language, however the rotation of probationary professors bothered the municipal director of the education, whose objective is to become official the education of the English Language in the above-mentioned instance, to construct a basic resume and to open vacant for concursados professors, with a remuneration joust to the work played for such professionals. Had to the faced profits, the Municipal director Ribeiro Maria, entered in contact with the Mara teacher Peixoto Person of the State University of the North of the Paran, campus of Cornlio Procpio, to develop a project of extension with the academics of Letters, in order to characterize the professionals of this area and to elaborate a basic resume of English of the initial series. sing future choices. Since we live in a society contemporary, where we live deeply the implications of the globalization, the knowledge of at least a foreign language as instrument of social action, if it becomes indispensable (GIDDENS, 2005). It estimates early that the more child to learn a foreign language, more possibilities of personal success it will have (JOHNSTONE, 2002). Of this form the extension project starts in 2009 ‘ ‘ A Colaborativa Action between the University and the City. In the city of Cornlio Procpio the education of Foreign Language for children meets consolidated only in private schools, therefore in the municipal schools, the English Language is only one disciplines optional, and not obligator in Basic Ensino I, it supports thus an exclusion mechanism since, less restricts the access to the favored classrooms (BONETI, 1997).