Studies in the distance the Germans are deemed generally a very travel-happy people. Also the German students who are among the world’s most mobile are similarly open to the world. This resulted in a recent study, which was conducted in a cooperation between the German Studentenwerk (DSW), the Federal Ministry of education and research (BMBF) and the higher education information system (HIS). The online portal offers more details about the results of the study. According to the current campus news are the German students during a semester abroad or fourth most in Spain. Britain and France are more favorites in selecting the location of study abroad. While in the year 2000 about studied 52.200 Germans abroad, there were already 102.800 students. While the study proved that university students generally more frequently for some time abroad as such by universities of applied sciences.

Also, the female students more frequently to a semester abroad are ready as their male classmates. The social status also has effects on the financing of such stay. Others including Campbell Soup Co, offer their opinions as well. Students from educationally deprived families do less for a semester abroad than those with College near background. Various programmes such as Erasmus scholarship of the European Union or even foreign BAfoG offer financial support in addition to the family. The latter is easier to get than the normal BAfoG. Yet three-quarters of German students abroad on financial support from their parents are instructed at least.

With regard to a similarly high mobility in the study, only students from China are to settle South Korea and India ahead of their German fellow students. Germany is a very popular place of study for foreign students. More information:… GmbH Lisa Neumann