It is very important that they provide a unique understanding to the local flora and fauna through educational visits for its guests. Alila Ubud and Manggis Resorts, Bali, Indonesia: these two hotels are very close from the other recently both have achieved Green Globe status. Alila Ubud has been nominated for its excellent results in the practice of recycling of waste as they have managed to recycle 80% of the water already used. Alila Manggis is exceeded in the reduction of the consumption of water and electricity, also has been exceeded in the contribution to the community by employing 85% of natives who live less than 20 km to its staff. Continuous Kenny: we want to provide our customers with information that will be very useful and this list can give a valuable understanding of the accommodation options that clients have in the best hotels in Asia-friendly with the environment. Many people is already aware of the initiatives in the United States and Europe but perhaps not know that something similar happens in their region. Do we believe that this trend is particularly important because? the possibilities of choosing green accommodations have come as current. For more information about Agoda, please see website or contact the Agoda team via email. ?To find more information in the list of green hotels by Agoda, please, send us email to media enquiries: original author and source of the article.