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It was a cold, but perfect for an adventure. I wanted to explore the island, there then I was walking until the Iceberg.Quando I checked, vi more thirty people exploring it. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Levi’s. They were all blue ones. _Oque vocs is making? I asked. we _Estamos tentano to explore the Iceberg! – a person answers. _Mas Why vocs is all blue ones? – I asked. Nike addresses the importance of the matter here. _Porque blue is a legal color I finds – another person answers.

_Posso to also participate? – I asked with all the education. _Lgico! – they desseram – necessary Agent of all the possible aid! Then, I was blue and I started to explore. Some people had caught its tools to help. More and more people had been blue and started to pierce the ice. Then I started to be worried Will be that the ice could leave? I never had seen that to happen. Sera that would go to give certain? I was so, more so preoupado than I stopped to explore and I started to walk with very well-taken care of.

It had a pile of blue people back in the way, and therefore that it also diminishes ritimo. Before consequir to leave the multitude, I started to feel the soil to tremble! Vi one tip of the ice sinking and to another one going up. The Iceberg was breaking and sinking! Many people consequiram to leave from there in security, but ten of us had not been able to run away in time. We fall of the ice, right-hander in the sea. Everybody wise person to swim very well, but went to delay to swim in return. _Bom people, – I started – to consequirmos itself to jump for that side, goes to give all certainty! _Mas ese never to come back toward house? – a woman cried. we _Estamos lost! – another person completed. We are in the same place descutindo per ten minutes. But then a very legal thing happened. It appeared a boat! Everybody made the party when the boat arrived. _Oque vocs is making in the way it sea? – the pilot asked. _O Iceberg sank and agent was lost here. – I explained. they _Entrem. – say-Go pilot here to take vocs in return the Island! Everybody commemorated, while we entered in the boat, and comes back toward the Anchored one. _Mais a time, thanks a lot! – I said when leaving the boat. problems _Sem! But in the next time they take care! – the pilot answered while barcose moved away. I was walking until the house to eat, was with hunger. It was adventure the sufficient one for one day. END!

Philosophy, Society And Education

What it is philosophy and what is philosophy in the education. The philosophy is something inherent to the man. Add to your understanding with Kindle Direct Publishing. Already one is born filosofando. The existenciais questions appear soon in first infancy and are for restrained times, a classic example are the famous question ' ' why the sky is blue? ' ' , or still ' ' of where you drink it comes them? ' '. We go to analyze this question: ' ' Of where you drink it comes them? ' ' Of where it came the humanity? Nobody knows. But this is precisely why this type of question never dies inside of the heart of the men that appears the philosophy, as a light in a world that tries to banalizar the events less banal.

Hours have life for all part, but this does not become it less incredible, quite to the contrary. Why here, in this planet and not in another one? Why today, in this time and not tomorrow, or yesterday? It is of the questions without simple answers that the philosophy if feeds and lives. When a child asks the somewhat deep and innocent teacher as, for example, ' ' what he is vento' ' this comes with a ready reply: ' ' Wind is air in movimento' ' , yes the wind is air in movement, but and of where comes this air? It placed who it here? For how much time it will be? The professor many times acts as repressor agent of the innate philosophy. It supplies the ready answers that the current society needs to hear of this individual so that it is inserted in the society, but deprives the society of an individual that possesss complete capacities to think and of being a transforming agent of this same society. That is, it does not form a full man.

The professor is the formador agent of that child and if it also will be conditional the same answers of the society it will not be capable to form agents questionadores of this society. The result will be catastrophic, the society will be atrophied. If the professor will not be one home full will not have as to educate pupils to become greaters that it. The necessary education to rethink its way to practise philosophy, needs to stimulate the philosophical thought and not to fight it. We reproduce the same answers in the minds of the future generations and propagandas when the result it is the same resulted bad that we had obtained before. When the education to accept the philosophy and only to hug it is that we will be capable to form complete human beings, pensantes and transforming of its proper reality.