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“” Stand out positively from the competition and attract new customers from the marketing comes the term unique selling proposition “, which translates as unique promise of sale” means. Many experts also speak of unique selling points”different from comparable offers distinctive properties, a company, a product or a service. It is a challenge to present a uniqueness that should have a benefit for the customer (customer, Subscriber) addition in an unmanageably large education providers market. The last point cuts can be made, because it is first, to create a memorable with a memorable image, that potential participants, multipliers and the partial public spheres, interesting for the carrier with the institution or person connect. There is a difference in terms of the characteristics between education providers, which are perceived outside as organizations and freelance “Individual trainers: institutions: location (region or building) historical or other events, in conjunction with the educational institutions are close to a point of interest” (E.g., monuments, natural phenomenon…) “” Characteristics of lecturer teams inner design of the premises a motto, under which about is people: certain character traits and personality traits abnormalities in the curriculum vitae selected hobbies a particular course or a special qualification a marketing tool that can be used both for institutions and people, is the storytelling “, what by some authors also narrative management” called. It involves the development of a pictorial, emotional story that has to do something with the education provider and which is told again and again. She should be based on true events, because if then out comes that a fairy tale is told, there is a positive impression. It is important that the story is simple and easy to remember.

As Suggestion, the above points can be used to develop of an appropriate narrative. Even though the tale of the competence centre of gravity or the seminar topics in the training provider is detached, acting as the emotional USP. This message consistently transmitted outwards, always the same desired effect occurs. “People associate things with the provider: Oh, you are but the coach, who has sailed around the world in 80 days.” Dr. Birgit Lutzer

Internet Marketing

Add a description to internet marketing is the marketing of products and services that use the Internet as their medium. Reduce the costs of dissemination of information and a global audience are its main advantages. Internet marketing also includes digital data management and customers the electronic relationship management (ECRM) customers, which are widely used in today’s enterprise. The importance of internet marketing strategies has increased with the growth and importance of the Internet. Most of the established companies are disputing the online space and try to adopt web marketing strategies to increase traffic to your company homepage. In fact, most organizations can take in advertising and internet marketing strategies to generate better business.

Thanks to the internet marketing can be achieved that many companies, even, tourist companies, hotels and travel agencies, increase your flow of customers thanks to the campaigns which are able to perform by such media. The hotel marketing is currently implemented very often, since many people want to currently find information about hotels and tourism from the comfort of your home. In the case of a hotel, the hotel marketing makes it possible that a hotel can receive visits on its web site for people seeking accommodation information from anywhere in the world, and this becomes one major advantage since the flow of guests can be expanded greatly. Another way to increase their income through marketing on the internet is the use of key words. Keyword research is a very important aspect of an Internet marketing campaign. If a site is not directed to the appropriate keywords, in all likelihood, you are losing potential customers.

Use of incorrect keywords in a hotel marketing strategy, could also be translated in low income and few reserves. A good approach to conduct a marketing campaign is to find what people are looking for so that with the use of appropriate keywords It can be that people can find what they want. Internet marketing can be improved through the enrichment of a web page. Great designs and quality content to attract users to a web site in particular. Aesthetically sites tend to attract more visitors but also the functional sites do so. While a site should be pleasing to the eye and reach a group widely defined demographically, it must also be easy to use.

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