Are the Furth Agency for strategic branding and integrated communication as kapo ensures insurance Furth with the personnel-recruitment campaign ‘Fresh meat’ at KarstadtQuelle, October 12, 2009 with the slogans a 16/20 type? We have your dream job. “, where you actually work? Better, you do it for us. “, decide you right! Our phone jobs are asked.”and what are you doing before the news?” the KarstadtQuelle successfully advertise insurance to service staff in the evening time from 16 to 20 for the sales and service center. The Furth Agency since kapo has developed this memorable and innovative staff recruitment campaign. KarstadtQuelle insurance companies belong to the ERGO Insurance Group and one of the biggest concerns of the insurance industry. With four million satisfied customers is the company of in Germany of mostly chosen direct insurer. It is growing steadily and continuously expanding the number of jobs. This successful Market position has acquired the insurer with special marketing ideas and faster implementation.

The most recent marketing campaign aimed to attract more younger people for our part-time deals in the sales and service center. The Agency as kapo has provided appropriate ideas us for it. They were sparkling, striking and aligned to our target group. That has convinced us and the success has given us the right,”Erika Eibner, head of recruitment-and education management at KarstadtQuelle confirms insurance. Convincing campaign with its new staff recruitment campaign puts the work in the late service from 16 to 20 h in the right light of direct insurers. Unusual advertising from the House since kapo provide convincing arguments to get insurance as service staff on a part-time basis at KarstadtQuelle: the kick off the campaign made a promotional tour with three young women with backpacks and various slogans on the Furth Festival on the campus in Erlangen and Nuremberg, as well as in the City centres. Flyer with a short profile of activity were in addition to make frequent well distributed.

At the same time started a post card action in 120 restaurants, bistros, Cafes and pubs in the metropolitan area of Nuremberg, Furth and Erlangen. The campaign was supported by spots on radio energy. Managing Director of da CAPO, Thomas Kohl, knows: da kapo service portfolio includes the strategic brand management and care with integrated communication, creative concepts with holistic approach, success-oriented marketing management and of course efficient implementations. The innovative idea concept for KarstadtQuelle insurance bundles exactly these competencies. Because for us is first and foremost, customer-oriented concepts with new strategies and fresh ideas to develop which attract our customers and convince. This is our recipe for success.”da kapo with visions of innovation the company da kapo heard since 1986 to the most prestigious owner-managed creative agencies in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg. The range includes the strategic brand management and care with integrated communication media and the interdisciplinary orientation of classic and new. The Furthern their special commitment introduced an award as a top employer in Germany already in regard to human resources management. Bavaria is the first excellent company among the TOP100 for outstanding innovative achievements and the successful think tank as a communications service provider several times.