She is necessary to form educators to assist the society in the administration of what it inherited. Brazil can also give to the world a great example of fraternity, when considering a program of recycling of lives and the restoration of the man. The Family, the Church and the State, together, can implant a new style of life. When the man wastes positive water, light, trees, thoughts, chance to preserve itself, intelligence to interact in the preservation of the Planet, is adubando with the proper tear of the irresponsibility the land of the death to come to ruin itself. When he distributes garbage politician, social, spiritual, emotional, and all the species of inconsequentes actions, is infectando the space, sowing upheavals. They are hideous crimes against the life.

It does not hinder that the birds fly in the direction that to want, does not interrupt its sings, does not destroy its nests that if hide for airs. It does not make walls hindering that the rivers parade calm in the direction of the seas, them are the first inhabitants of the Planet. It plants trees, it saves water, lights the light, but if it does not forget to erase it. The life is pretty, the Land is clamando still, to the search of that it can love it. Youth received from inheritance of the bad governing, of the indecent resumes, ‘ ‘ educadores’ ‘ dormentes and of the omissive parents, a great riqussimo patrimony badly managed, badly conserved, badly loved.

When the man to reforest ideas, to trim the dry twigs of the anger, to water the roots in the source of the faith, goes spoon the fruits of a oxigenado world of love. There, yes, the balanced man goes to balance the Planet! It is urgent that if he faces the biggest challenge of all the times: to form the values that go to substitute the annihilating minds for that they have sensitivity to love and to preserve. The slogan could be: it adopts its planet as bichinho of esteem. It is an educational challenge.