Teachers in them by law are known for their professionalism. Let us dwell on one of the Austrian language schools. ActiLingua Academy? private school, which has a large selection of courses. School located in the central part of Vienna and has a well-equipped classrooms. In addition to directly learn a language, studying at the school involves excursions to beautiful Vienna, sports and much, much more. Germany. Institute Humboldt in Berlin. Offers a variety of children, youth and adult language programs.

A feature of an individual approach, which allows quickly learn the language. Classes are produced in small (5-10 people) groups, where students are improving in reading, writing, speaking, speech ponimantyu at the hearing. In addition to training provided more and homework assignments. The Germans, the people of pedantic and do not tolerate levity. Language Centre St.

Alberta in Raymlingen. This children's language center. The center is deeply and systematically teach grammar. The principle of the center:. That is, not having learned the first lesson, I must proceed to the next. The center is located in the park, away from roads, making it ideal for teaching children. The Centre has a swimming pool, gymnasium, stables, where you can learn the art of riding. True for an additional fee. Language schools in Germany are scattered throughout the country: Lindenberg, Konstanz, Freiburg. In those cities, except for school, you can admire the monuments. Carl Duisberg Centren? language center for intensive language training. Here you get a solid margin on grammar, vocabulary, that allows you to take equal part in discussions, conversations, presentations, etc. Switzerland. International Linguistic Centre LSI, located in Zurich. Classes are held in it in small groups. The school building comfortable: with equipped classrooms, a multimedia center, a recreation room. Enjoyed worldwide popularity and the Swiss linguistic camps. Apart from the quality of language teaching here pay much attention to relaxation and nutrition. The camps themselves are located in scenic locations, where there is an abundance of fresh mountain air and green grass. Price for three weeks in this camp of about 3,500 euros. By the way, the camp can not teach a foreign language, and few.