Global warming – it is a slow and gradual increase in the average temperature on our planet, which is just observed in the present. Global warming – a fact that is meaningless to argue with, and why must be sober and objective approach to its understanding. The scientific evidence that global warming could be caused by many factors, volcanic eruptions, the behavior of the oceans (typhoons, hurricanes, etc.), solar Activity-Earth's magnetic field-work of man. So-called anthropogenic factor. The idea is supported by most scientists, NGOs and the media that does not mean its unwavering truth. Rather all, it appears that each of these components contributes to global warming.

These factors are the so-called greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect causing global warming, watched every one of us. In greenhouse temperature is always higher than outside, in a closed car on a sunny day there is the same. Across the globe, still. Part of the solar heat received by the Earth's surface, can not go up in smoke back into space, because the atmosphere acts on the similarity of polyethylene in the greenhouse. Were it not for the greenhouse effect, the average surface temperature would be about -18 C, but in reality about +14 C. How much heat is on planet depends on the composition of air, which just changed under the influence of the above factors, namely changing the content of greenhouse gases, which include water vapor (responsible for more than 60% effect), carbon dioxide (carbon dioxide), methane and others.