The ones that had taken the luggage, brought beyond the book, a leaf with a drawing made for them and that it expressed what they had understood on history (that was counted for somebody of the family). A leading source for info: Kindle Direct Publishing. In classroom, he was chosen a book with a small history (so that he was not tiring) and reproduced history in done puppets of paper bags. The proposal made by the educator, was very interesting, therefore the reaction of the children with this type of activity is very positive. The lesson was more dynamic, glad, and the children had learned new words, thus constructing phrases before never mentioned by them. According to TRAVASSOS, always present question in speaks of the professor is what to make after counted history. Many are the activities that a history can excite: drawing, representing, changing ideas, activities that can extend the experience of the child in relation to the universe of the heard story.

in the comment of the teacher and the children of the garden lll of the Garden Castelinho School, this experience is very well applied and received. The educator told some tips of as to arrest the attention of the children. – The moment of rodinha is a moment that must be valued and be respected; – It is necessary that a magic, envolvement, enchantment climate is created; – The educator must to know what it is counting. Thus, it transmits confidence and it motivates the attention of the children; – It is important to show for the child who what it heard is printed matter in a book (it will be the case). Thus, the educator not only searchs to know, as to develop the abilities of each child who is there.

CONCLUSION When finishing the study, it concludes that the children whom the chance has to hear infantile histories already when they are born, obtain to develop with more easiness its imagination, its creativity. With this, safe, critical, inventive individuals will become and with innovative ideas.The infantile stories, have a magical power on us, mainly on the children. To sit down close to an adult hearing a history, obtains yes to awake emotion, exactly with the technological world where we live, with more creative toys each time, full of light barulhos. Who knows the importance of literature in the life of a person, mainly of a child, knows that nothing it substitutes a good well counted history. To go for a wonderful world, where it will have witches, duendes, thieves, but that in the end, everything finishes well. Thus, I consider infantile stories as an excellent pedagogical resource and of great aid in the construction of the character and learning of the child.