But the pupils are, also, concrete, conditional citizens for particular cultures and social origin, carriers to know of experiences. In the classroom the pupils go constituting its subjectivity. Education involves feelings, emotions. The necessary professor to know and to understand motivations, interests, necessities of different pupils between itself, to help them in the capacity of communication with the world of the other, to have sensitivity to point out the teaching relation in the physical, social and cultural context of the pupil. Read more from Gerald Weissmann, MD to gain a more clear picture of the situation. in my point of view, using to advantage this teaching that LIBANEO, wisely says in them, is that the Ambient Education with an open school to the yearnings of the pupil, democratic, participativa and acolhedora enters together, respecting alunado and its entorno, so that these new values are introduced in way to produce change of behavior in the treatment with the questions of the environment.

FINAL CONSIDERAES: As already it was clearly in the expositions made in elapsing of the text, I share with the idea of that the concerns with the environment do not have to be leveled only to the ecological questions and/or the nature, is necessary to extend to this concern to all the beings livings creature and to understand the planet land as an alive organism, where all the actors are linked ones to the others and its action unchains positive or negative reactions depending of the taken decisions and these reactions in such a way can be in the gift, in tomorrow or daqui the 40 (or as much) years. That is, our sojourn (in the planet land) is passenger and ‘ here; ‘ this is the moment well where we can remember together one to say very pretty and that of much that to think. It seems to have here been spoken for a head of an aboriginal tribe of Americas. It is thus: We do not inherit our land of our ancestor. We only take it loaned to our children. if we to want to think with a similar courage and a ousadia to the one of the old indian, we will be able to say something thus: Everything what is mine in this world makes border and continues in what is its, in what is of vocs. thus, everything what it is mine and he is its in some way is ours also.