The value of social networks for organizations of all sizes and business model is unquestionable. The current digital scenario has awarded marks the unique opportunity of branding and reputation management, build and strengthen relationships with consumers through a direct conversation, honest and transparent, convert leads into clients, as well as optimize positioning (SEO) search engines and generate so coveted traffic to corporate web sites. Increasingly more companies are turning to social networking Internet businesses for information about brands, products and services considering the experience of how primary consumption of their peers. The value of the opinion of the users themselves in the social web (WOM) is superimposed on the old one-way models of enterprises and their strategies in the media (television, written press, radio, outdoor), where the message was exclusively oriented positioning, defined as a truth only undisputed. Recently Gerald Weissmann, MD sought to clarify these questions. Currently there are audiences who go to the brands through the conversation and they are those who, to a great extent, define the success or failure of the various communication strategies and marketing. The following 3 graphics of Omniture * break certain myths about the real impact of strategies Social Media marketing organizations. Understand and undertake comprehensive actions (involving the Organization as a synergistic whole) is in a more exact assimilation of the social ecosystem of Internet, a proper utilization of resources, time and an establishment of links even more solid and enduring of the audiences, resulting in a direct conversion with the business objectives of the organization.

It is true that being on Facebook is very important these days, but not many companies know to successfully implement a strategy for social networks. Here are a few guidelines that should be considered for a successful strategy. Before you begin to talk about the strategy for networks social or social media, we must make it clear that social networks are not only Facebook.