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Community Manager

There are over 200 social networks focused on different profiles of users or activities. Facebook is perhaps the most important but we must not focus only on this social network. Just follow these 7 steps: define objectives: we must define for what we are on social networks?, what is the ultimate goal?, are we going to focus which users?. Not only can use social networks to inform but also to generate a relationship more close with the users and also get a powerful feedback on our company, products and/or services. Identify social networks to publish: after be clear about our objectives we must identify what are the social networks that we use to meet our objectives.For example, if we wish to arrive at a group of youths in the province as more likely that you think use Facebook but the best alternative may be to Hi5. Same thing if you’re looking for professional, you can use Linkedin.On the other hand, Twitter It is a social network that slowly is gaining popularity, many Twitter users access from mobile phones, then there you have another user profile; and so on you go identifying social networks necessary to meet objectives. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Gerald Weissmann, MD on most websites. Define the initial content and frequency: Ok! We have social networks where we will publish content.

Now, what content going to publish? and how often?. Don’t make the same mistake of well-known newspapers that began to publish all the news! This saturated users wall and you could only read information from this journal and already you could not know that your friends made. David G. DeWalt addresses the importance of the matter here. Create and customize social networks: you must give life and style to your profile on social networks, you can do with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Hi5, the photos, the background (background), some colors will change if social network lets you. Define the community manager and functions: the role of the community manager is very important within a strategic plan for social networks, may be an internal resource for the company (usually in the area of Marketing) or an external provider specializing in Social Media. Define levels of communication, e.g. questions about products or services the Community Manager may have the autonomy to respond directly, in case that it is a complaint or one major comment, must be derived to the area of Marketing or communications so that they develop a response. Measurement indicators: everything needs to be measured, so also in social networks we must consider indicators, for example: number of fans, number of followers, number of reproductions of a video, etc. These are the points of analysis for social networking companies

Marcel Risques

Although at first glance the most visible changes have occurred on an aesthetic level, over these last few months is he has worked mainly on improving the usability of the page and the user experience. With more than 2,000 products on offer, it is essential that the user can easily find the product you are looking for says Marcel Risques, director of Lamparas.tv: in this sense, have implemented various general search filters and other more specific for each type of product. For example, a lamp can search by type of lamp, price, style and stay – among others – while a fan can search based on size, manufacturer, etc. Each item card also incorporates substantial improvements. It is a key page. Therein we present our product.

It is a unique opportunity to convince the customer. Therefore, their impact on the conversion for sale is high explains Risques. In this sense, the texts have been updated, the quality has been improved from the images – with new images and a zoom function – and also incorporated the popular social buttons (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) In this same line, a blog has been created and several informational web pages have been added in order to help the client when evaluating and choosing an item. Finally, we have implemented several changes intended to improve the level of protection of customer data, which have culminated in the obtaining of the seal of trust Online. is the leading shop on the lamps and ceiling fans for sale and boasts a catalog more than 2,000 items of lighting.

Conditioning Physicist

Many of my friends and relatives I spoke of this or that new program or product that had just purchased, which was the solution to achieve your goals of fitness or fat loss. They felt very excited in this regard and they could not wait to start the same carefree people, who initially bounced for joy by his new plan to burn fat and have a new body, then a few weeks later, I was completely discouraged. It was somewhat difficult to see. He asked that such was his plan to burn fat and they answered me that it seemed very good at the beginning, but they were not obtained results than expected or who felt that they had promised them. They quickly tired of continue daily workouts and discovered that follow the strict meal plans could be crazy at times. Therefore, they jumped to the next plan.

Worst of all, is that they felt frustrated by following these so-called gurus of exercise programs, had fallen more deeply into habits eating unhealthy once they had left the program. Cramming food became his only way of satisfaction. Forgot the maximum fat burning and spoke of moving in the wrong direction. What is worse is that all these people recommended and fad diets that caused furor followed the exercises typically. They were doing what all the others were doing to burn fat quickly after talking to many of these friends and delve into their exercise routines, I noticed a theme in common that always appeared in our discussions were concentrated in the short term this approach was wrong. They were not thinking about a health and physical condition of lifetime, rather thought lose fat and stay in shape for swimsuit season. More specifically, were also a way to exercise little less than optimal. I saw this many people in the gym where did exercise.

Hector Vogel

Importance of the box within the small and medium enterprise (balanced scorecard) scorecard. The balanced scorecard within the small to medium enterprise box becomes transcendental despite the difficulty demonstrating in inertia various wage schemes, which are considered fixed. Through this tool are evident changes in the remuneration of persons, since they wage compensation are on view as a decisive factor for change and the real approach to the management required. This does not mean that it requires a wage increase, perhaps a reorganization that establishes payment plans achieved. The scorecard box is essential for executives, because that guarantees them focus and redirect new strategies, resources and processes to achieve the company’s objectives.

This tool has both considerable utility in strategies designed in the short, medium and long term as. Fundamentally, since through it we can combine both financial indicators as those not financial, with the purpose of advancing guidelines and carry out strategic policies and finally because it allows us a plan through which we could select elemental indicators that provide us with the most accurate information in relation to the direction of the company. Beneficial results of the implementation of a balanced scorecard in the company box. For assistance, try visiting FASEB Journal. 1 It offers purpose clear and precise, without giving time to improvisation. 2 It provides specific purposes with respect to the actual responsibilities, establishing limits and tactics of behavior. 3 It offers challenging but attainable achievements, making the maximum potential around all the individuals of the company. 4 Other information mechanisms for the monitoring, providing precise parameters of manoeuvre according to evolution. 5 Integration and coherence between objectives, revealing final transparency in all of the goals that are to be defined.

6 It gives full capability to determine our activity by action-reaction, without investing time establishing new parameters for action. 7 Autonomy for the management of resources, in which all the members of the company have at your service requirements necessary to obtain the purposes. The design of a balanced scorecard box, contains indicators and objectives in relation to four different points of view in the business, these are:-the customer’s perspective: which constitutes virtually the image that the client of the company will have. -The internal business perspective: which highlights the details that has been of over-riding the company’s action. -The perspective of innovation and learning: which have as purpose detecting opportunities that has the company finding a step further, revealing a value added as regards to the others. -Financial perspective: which means the point of view of shareholders. It should be necessary to recall that for a box of balanced scorecard (CMI) needs a fully structured process through which are they could decide the direction of the company.

Social Business Networks

The value of social networks for organizations of all sizes and business model is unquestionable. The current digital scenario has awarded marks the unique opportunity of branding and reputation management, build and strengthen relationships with consumers through a direct conversation, honest and transparent, convert leads into clients, as well as optimize positioning (SEO) search engines and generate so coveted traffic to corporate web sites. Increasingly more companies are turning to social networking Internet businesses for information about brands, products and services considering the experience of how primary consumption of their peers. The value of the opinion of the users themselves in the social web (WOM) is superimposed on the old one-way models of enterprises and their strategies in the media (television, written press, radio, outdoor), where the message was exclusively oriented positioning, defined as a truth only undisputed. Recently Gerald Weissmann, MD sought to clarify these questions. Currently there are audiences who go to the brands through the conversation and they are those who, to a great extent, define the success or failure of the various communication strategies and marketing. The following 3 graphics of Omniture * break certain myths about the real impact of strategies Social Media marketing organizations. Understand and undertake comprehensive actions (involving the Organization as a synergistic whole) is in a more exact assimilation of the social ecosystem of Internet, a proper utilization of resources, time and an establishment of links even more solid and enduring of the audiences, resulting in a direct conversion with the business objectives of the organization.

It is true that being on Facebook is very important these days, but not many companies know to successfully implement a strategy for social networks. Here are a few guidelines that should be considered for a successful strategy. Before you begin to talk about the strategy for networks social or social media, we must make it clear that social networks are not only Facebook.