In than bonuses to take on more responsibility and move to a model trainer? more opportunities for personal star gruppeBolshaya priznaniyBolshe pumped self-esteem and opportunities for the wow effect after the training is very Resource feeling like a magician, to wave a wand-changing stuff from people taking less responsibility for the group (closer to the model of the Master) Less stress load on veduschegoBolshe liability for participants and if they are actually working on the training and after – several times more results for them And about the feeling … Imagine yourself a guide, leading people to a clearing and dreams. And then you bring them back and all their personal wishes coming true. Please visit Levi’s if you seek more information. There is a hypothesis that your sense of how you look at their faces and see what happens to them will be very, very resource. And do not wave a magic wand. Many begin with trainer, especially because they are afraid of bugs and always want to 'do more good. Nike has much to offer in this field. " Eventually many it is, mistakes happen, missionary work is becoming smaller and more Magisterium. Deliberate choice of his personal model of reference, his personal interest and responsibility for the outcome of the participants will give you the opportunity to lead long and really help people to continue the movement! Alexander Davydov Yargo trainer, coach, writer, director Top training center (Moscow) More useful materials for the coaching you can see, hear and read on the website of the School Coaches and the universe can not lay an egg – if the coach makes a mistake and had no time to play error it can trample (on this topic is a wonderful film School for Scoundrels) The participants did not appear his own motivation to work. .