Words – key: Enterprising school and Cognitiva School Area: Strategical in Organizations SUMMARY: The first specific schools are boarded in the chapters, considering specific aspects in the formularization of the strategical one, that is, as this effectively is made. In the school of Entrepreneur it is strengthened Formation of Strategy as a Visionary Process whereas School of Cognitiva is emphasized the formularization of the strategy as a mental process. Click Richard Linklater to learn more. The schools are strengthened in both a boarding where the strategy process is presented with deliberate plans and contents of ample vision. In these schools the main executive is fortified by the concept of visionary leader for solution of organizacionais problems, as well as this vision comes from the formation versus formularization of strategical ideas INTRODUCTION: The enterprising school focused the process of formation of strategy exclusively in leader only emphasized most innate of states processes as intuition, judgment, wisdom, experience and criterion. This promotes a vision of the strategy as perspective, associate with image and sense of direction, that is, vision. ' ' The enterprising strategist is that one who if she dedicates to the generation of wealth, either in the transformation of knowledge in products and services, the generation of the proper knowledge or in the innovation in areas as marketing, production, organizao' ' (DEGEN) The defenders of this school saw the leadership personalized established in the strategical vision, as the key for the organizacional success. They had noticed this in the companies, but also in other sectors, and not only at the beginning and formation of new organizations, but also in the reformularization of organizations with problems. Although ' ' spirit empreendedor' ' originally it was associated with the creators of its proper businesses, the word gradually was extended to describe some forms of and determined personalized, pro-active leadership in organizations. In the cognitiva school, it is approached perspective of that the strategists are, to a large extent, self-taughts person: they develop its structures of knowledge and its processes of thought through direct experience.