Marla is a visionary. She is the kind of girl who "feel the fear and do things alike." . . in love, at work and in life. Marla is not afraid to go out and make your dreams come true. Marla's boyfriend, Tad, is alive type guy now. A Tad likes to go with the flow and see how things turn out.

No plans ahead. Maybe his dreams will come true sooner or later. Maybe not. Marla's soul stirring calling evolution. Its objectives are manifested in all areas of your life. Is growing and changing at a rapid pace.

Tad is always the same. After 18 months of courtship, Tad is content to live with roommates while Marla sits to wait for Tad to do something. Marla loves Tad. Your body wants. But Marla Tad moving and still, their relationship is going in opposite directions. Marla has two of the three "must have" in their relationship. Unfortunately, two of three is not enough. The three "must have" for every successful romantic relationship are: 1. I think LUST more non-negotiable for each relationship is lust. If you do not have chemistry with your partner, is simply too hard. Period. The chemistry appears in two forms: eyes and ears. A male hero is what you like, you know immediately that works for him and goes after him. A naive female hears the deal. An average man (or pretty or ugly) can get very nice for a feminine woman if she likes what he says.