The reading of PCN (Parmetros Curriculares Nacionais) is essential, therefore it assists in them in the confrontation of the challenges of the daily one in classroom, as well as it leads the formation of a conscientious citizen with its rights and duties. I know that today to give lesson she is not as the ten years behind, where the respect and the family they walked of given hands, but sincerely with as many historical, personal changes, humanist and others, we educators, as today we are called, also must adaptarmos in them with the transformations. Everything that is legal is kept in our mind forever, either daqui one year or ten years, I am not only speaking of the substance Portuguese language, but yes of the colloquy, the humildade, of the necessity, as of a young that in ways to the familiar problems and drugs, we want that it takes off ten, this is almost impossible! already we were young we had friends with problems and until today we have, tries to place itself in the place of this person, it needs that it shows the direction, then takes off this popana of the chair and makes the different one, of a descontrao moment, as? debate, dialogue, music, dynamic as you go to make? nor I know! , I only know that we are ' ' cabeas' ' of many heads with an only objective to try to keep people ' ' vivas' ' , where the college is the platform, and us we are the springboards, for what I call consecrated future. Kisses. Teacher Claude