German University for prevention and health management the opportunity to deepen individual topics science offers College continuing education for managers and specialists with their college certificates. Existing knowledge will be systematically expanded, deepened or supplemented. Thus, specialists and executives can purchase from the market of the future prevention, fitness, sports and health to selected subjects competencies at a high level. Existing knowledge will be systematically expanded, deepened or supplemented. The College certificates cover complete topics, which can be directly used in professional practice. In the Department of Economics German University College continuing education offers three College continuing education in the Department of economics. On the subject of strategic management”, participants acquire the knowledge necessary for a successful business management.

Also they will learn to perform strategic analysis using different analysis tools as well as a strategic project and process management conduct. “The College further education finance and controlling” enabled, to evaluate investment decisions for companies to meet, to plan a targeted corporate finance to build up and to develop a customized controlling for successful corporate management. In marketing and distribution’, the participants be enabled to recognise marketing and sales opportunities to secure the future of the company. So that you can target and target market your company and its products/services and sell. Investment to benefit future fitness and health companies particularly from the returns”this form of postgraduate education. Through the implementation of current knowledge can be improved such as processes, concepts for new offerings created and optimizes the marketing of existing products and services. A college education is an investment in long-term competitiveness. More information All school certificates ( hochschulzertifikate.html) Faculty of Economics