Get an English education tend to those who are not indifferent to his future and begins to advance their career. After all, English education is considered the standard combination of tradition and quality. Are no exception Russian schoolchildren. Every year the number of students in schools and in colleges. Shall flow through the British Council. English education draws its capabilities, modern base for various studies. How did you achieve such a development? Educational institutions and schools have a long history. Many of them are still in 12 century.

Despite all the conservatism in England recent decades is a permanent reform of the education system aimed at improving educational programs and their unification, the improvement of technical equipment, as well as to improve the quality get an education. English education, has won fame as one of the best in the world, is the most expensive. For British schoolchildren has various discount schemes that reduce the cost of training. Foreign visitors wishing to obtain an English education, will have to lay in a 3 – 4 times. Often the cost of education goes up to 20000 pounds per year. Since primary education, passing the mandatory and additional discipline, students go into secondary schools.

Their completion is mandatory for all children of the uk. Later the child given the option of further education: vocational college (getting specialty that I can continue to work, getting further higher education). Often when choosing schools for their children to British parents are guided by their age and reputation. In most cases they turn out to schools known outside of England and there are several hundred years. For the foreigners are the most attractive boarding schools, allowing to study English in perfection. No less importance and has a diploma, certificate of receipt of British education.