If what you want is to be in one of those magnificent historical buildings, then this is your school! During the summer, the courses are two hours a day, although during the during the school year, only courses of 4 hours a day. By what refers to prices, this school is not very cheap, but must say that it is one of the most famous of Florence. If you want the best, is to pay 3. Scuola Leonardo da Vinci Via Bufalini, 3 zone Florence Santissima Annunciata classes in this school are very productive. Every morning, there are 2 main kinds: grammar and conversation. All teachers are sympathetic and have lots of patience, so even teaching Italian in Italian, the method works! This school has campuses in Milan, Rome, Siena and Florence. The standard course is 4 hours a day and also gives credit to some American universities.

Classrooms consist of a maximum of 12 students of different nationalities, which is fantastic because you’ll have to use the Italian force to communicate and not your native language. The levels of courses are: Beginner, elementary, intermediate, advanced, very advanced and diploma. This is definitely the ideal school for students who put all their heart in learning Italian. 4. ABC Centro Di Lingua & culture Italian way of Rustici, 7 Zone Florencia Uffizi at this school, the classes have a maximum of 7 up to 10 students, unlike all other schools. There are 6 different levels for courses and 2 programs: the program of training and the specialization program.

The training program is separated into three levels: elementary, middle and upper. At the end of the program, students can express themselves correctly in Italian, either oral than written. The specialization program is also separated into three levels advanced 1, advanced 2 and advanced 3. Students who complete this program feel secure in the use of Italian and are expressed correctly written and oral level.