Geometrizes objects, most never reduced to straight lines, since all possible grades curves smoothed, rounded and change the contours and stages producing pleasant harmonious sets. Figures in analytical insight can give the impression of being built in parts, the sensitivity and the aesthetics of these drawings are for seen at a distance. Figures do not run, do not walk, do not move, but live in the flashing that produce the combination of colors, its rhythmic degradations, their small jumps of contrast. Development and structure, dynamically, captured since the work that balances plastic with auditory confuses space with the chronic, transforming, without destroying it, in movement and vibration. Alfonso Mario Medina topics are not very varied, because he wanted to show his predilection for plastic values of a few objects that satisfy his hobbies and provide juncture for vocationally exercise their powers. Too much there is beauty and individuality in their conceptions, the warm richness of color relationships in harmony with its sense of linear rhythm and the classical form; Thus, a drawing in black and white can produce graduations of light and shade so marked that it is capable of producing colored sensations.

The technique must be imaginative and the imagination knows no bounds. In his entire execution is spontaneous and it is due to their desire to vary in technique and color. I knew that you matter less what is painted than painting: technique and style, link colors and the masses, and finally, what lies behind, and not everyone can warn, some only glimpsed, and very few taste with whole fullness of enjoyment. Catalog oil, ink, charcoal, pastel and mixtures, translates into solid representations formed by crossovers and overlaps of planes which, in appearance, dissecting the figure, but which actually reconstruct the object in his absolute integrity.