Objectives: 1.Aktualizirovat existing problems in cooperation with parents; 2.Sodeystvovat increase self-confidence; 3.Uprazhnyat novice teachers to construct effective communication with parents. Schedule: I. Introduction. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Richard Linklater. Presentation of the organizers of the training, acquaintance with the rules of the group. II. At CEO Keith McLoughlin you will find additional information.

Practical part: The game to get to know the “Black laces.” Goal: friendly atmosphere, the ability to display imagination, the ability to see the total in band mates. (5 minutes). (In kruguna chairs). All participants sit on chairs in a circle, leading to the center offers to trade places those who have, for example, black laces. The task of all to find a place, including the facilitator. Anyone who has not found a place, it becomes the master. Playing the rallying “Shanhaytsy.” Purpose: To unite the group, building trust.

(4 min). (In the free space of the hall.) Instructions: “Stand in line and grab the hand. First in the ranks of carefully twisted around and drags the rest until a “spiral”. ” In this position, participants must pass some distance. You can offer the group at the end of its movement carefully squat. Host: – In order to understand the other person must have good knowledge of itself: its strengths and weaknesses storony.Uprazhnenie-self-test “I’m in the sun.” Objective: To determine the degree of relationship to itself (positive-negative), the search and adoption of its positive qualities. (10 min). (In a circle, sitting on chairs). Every participant sheet of paper draw a circle.