Focusing on our own strengths is now asking and answering the following questions: what are my professional needs and goals? How can I remain faithful to my professional needs and goals in the crisis? What are my personal and professional strengths and how can I use promising that? What distinguishes me from others? How do I withdraw myself from the crowd of applicants, without losing my authenticity as a person? Not only the analysis of own desires and goals and the exploration of professional options, the resulting, but also wondering what employers then logically fits the own profile belongs to the own career planning. It will rather be a strong medium-sized company that comes for the career in question or a multinational corporation? Irritates the services sector attracts the industry? Are advertisers for this more exciting than agencies, Company work or I’m rather independent? Industry, position and type of the company, in the candidates start their career entry, are crucial for the remainder of career. It is all the more important to decisions reflected and to consult experts who can help you in the decision-making process. Levi’s will undoubtedly add to your understanding. On the KarriereMeile on the CampusChances Hamburg (May 31) and Cologne (10 June), the company opened universe, that each year more than 300,000 students on the subject of career ideas and employer interviewed around the globe, the visitors informed guidance, when it comes to inform themselves about potential employers and to work out together what employers best fits them. The Association offers assistance with questions on employment contracts, work certificates and the own career planning executives and international career experts of the news and career portal check resumes and help with the Initiators of, a portal for creating multimedia candidate homepages, the optimum application strategy. Also gives tips for “House – and Abschlusarbeiten” in Hamburg the Diplomica Publishing House and pointing out various marketing opportunities, informed the Akademische Auslandsamt of optimal trajectories in the study abroad and about the “road to the scholarship” in Cologne.