Well, or taught language in depth, at school or courses. I know English at secondary school level, that is all. Before entering 4 months purposefully prepared to the English exam and passed it to the desired point. But despite the language and financial difficulties, I still managed after the first year to receive a cash prize for third place on academic achievement. – Impressive. And where do you work while studying in Germany? – I had two underworking.

One – as an assistant on educational issues in the business school. This organizational position. In our school, all the speakers – invited. So I need to be pre- establish contact with them, get them to list what they need for the course, the list of necessary materials and prepare in advance for all students. Let's just say I was a mediator between students, professors and administration. Very interesting and, in some sense, the creative work that requires high communication skills. My second was a part-specialty, I have to program for graduate students at the institute information networks.

He gave me the job, and I had to program an experiment to push it and fix the results. It sounds easy to perform – is complicated. – Au-pair – it's all for the program? -This program, under which family invites you to a guy or a girl from another country, that they helped them care for their children and do light housework (cook dinner, clean, go shopping, etc.). This program enables parents again go to work and young people – to go to another country, learn a language, learn the culture.