Values Education in each of them will develop the conceptual, procedural and attitudinal fostering a working knowledge to help students know how to act and decide to health issues as well as training in healthy lifestyles CONTENT AREAS: 1 Health Care and cleaning of various parts of the body care and cleaning of clothing and Show personal health benefits of hygiene practices biological Fundamentals of motor behavior. Postural disorders 2nd Food Learn to eat balanced. Diets, patterns favorable for achieving a balanced diet food. Wheel of food Food preservation. Preservatives study of advertising in relation to food Eating disorders. Anorexia. 3rd Bulimia and Obesity Risk prevention in the home and workplace accidents identification within the family, social and occupational study and planning of preventive measures.

Knowledge of the aid to be given in case of accident Order and cleanliness in the workplace manual handling of loads Learning to act in case of fire Prevention with wiring Prevention to chemicals handling of machinery and tools Personal Protective Equipment 4 Sex Education Knowledge of the body understand sex as a form of interpersonal communication distinguish sexual reproduction Knowing the mechanisms of reproduction and new techniques breeding Knowledge of contraceptive methods. Understanding sexually transmitted diseases acquire habits of hygiene and health in relation to sexuality and reproduction 5 Knowledge of drug prevention drug consumption risks outside influences on our decisions. Advertising and decision making skills and resistance to pressure support activities leisure 6th Emotional Emotional Control Self-concept and self-esteem. Motivation Skills and Life Skills Education 7th Vial precautions before and after accidents Knowledge of traffic measures 8 Environmental Education Environmental Study physical around us.