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Fighting For A New Technology

For a new society, we must fight that which has been put in place, not with words, although the ideas were used to transform discontent into popular uprising, but with the destruction: it is called revolution. Nike wanted to know more. We should not cry about what you throw, we should even learn from them instead, although we hear very little to big? Works of the past. It seems that we are trying at the same time to destroy our memories, because we can not bear the presence of two competing ideologies in a country, or even for the world as Earth. Proof that globalization can also make the global ideology of our age. I will begin by presenting the problem of private property, and perhaps only in it, there is evidence of social instability that we suffer. The property, wonderful thing that we pride ourselves every day, it seems that we have, that by keeping the thing with a double turn in the fortress of our house.

Owning a lot of security, because it seems that today we have become greedy for everything that is bought. And security can protect us from theft, because it seems that is perfectly integrated into our operations, error: “I’m through what I have outside of myself,” where the quality Human material is converted into visible to everyone. Lifting the house of a few, the destroyed: they can not bear the destruction of their identity. Here’s what Seneca showed itself as folly, and danger as well as slavery, but we did not listen, we have preferred to be possessed by our possessions.

Functionality In Education

The change of the function of the half educational computer as happens together with a questioning of the function of the school and the paper of the professor. The true function of the educational apparatus does not have to be to teach, but yes to create learning conditions. This means that the necessary professor to leave of being the repassador of knowledge the computer can make this and makes it so efficient how much professor and to start to be the learning environment creator and the facilitador of the process of intellectual development of the pupil. (BRAVE, 1993:06). 2.2. Difficulties day to day The one of the biggest difficulties question of the experience, something very necessary for professor who if comes across with problems, and of some form knows to decide them in logical way and rational, for this, the same he has that to pass an one very good process of formation so that pass much time not thinking about deciding them, time that without a doubt would be used to apply contents to them you dissent.

According to Brave (1993: 13). For the implantation of the technological resources of efficient form in the education four basic ingredients are necessary: the computer, educative software, the enabled professor to use the half educational computer as and aluno' ' , being that none if sobressai to the other. The author accents that, ' ' the computer is not more the instrument that the apprentice teaches, but the tool with which the pupil develops something e, therefore, the learning occurs for the fact to be executing a task for intermediary of the computer. If the professor not to possess perfect tunning with the pupil, the result of this lesson sera a perfect disaster, the professor is the mediator of the knowledge, obligatorily has that to be intent to the way that the pupil is if holding, if the professor interacts with the pupil, makes with that the pupil explores some ferramentes that can shorten the way until the knowledge, is certain that it is making with that the pupil has understanding of what this being said, also taking in consideration the use of the computer for this practical, when the pupil can see and hear what this studying through sound and image, becomes the lesson most interesting, and increases the interpretation level, beyond the increase of the level of memorization of the pupil.

Marketing Affiliate

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