Any inquisitive mind sooner or later comes to think about the meaning of life. After being born, we were born, but it will be time to die. For what is born, why life is like a pedestrian crossing with replaceable good and bad days? These questions are probably born with human thought. Many thousands of years, a fraction of the bits people gathered transcendental experience and passed on to his disciples, and they own and so to this day. This experience is described by different person who had different experiences and methods of achieving knowledge of the nature of consciousness-the mind. Initial forms are the basis of yogic practices, religion and philosophy, but practical value is primarily the desire to change its moral status. The little man is growing, gets two and tries to somehow wriggle out of punishment, or to achieve their goals and desires can be nice to lie, and this skill in adult life is becoming natural.

The man was lying on the little things you do not fall into the eyes of others or for the benefit, but the fact remains. With this cargo does not get into heaven, as with any innym. Therefore, moral norms are the primary practice. Level ranting about their knowledge is more advanced and has practical value only in accordance with moral norms. It so happened that a man vruschy, stealing and killing can not have a quiescent state mind, and therefore these rules are osnovopologayuschimi in all religions. There are practices in which moral norms are not important, but it usually occurs in close relationship * * teacher-student when a teacher immediately introduces the student to the elevated state of consciousness * * and distances forward in the process of life.