‘I am not an entrepreneur, I would like to have an entrepreneurial mindset as such or such a successful person!’ do you ever thought so? What most people ignore is that we are all, to a greater or lesser extent, entrepreneurs. Creativity is inherent to human beings: we all have a spirit of defeat and move forward that lies too deep in each of us. Sometimes, creativity is not developed and we forget that it exists, and sometimes that winning spirit is broken and we operate with mentality of victims instead of believing that we we will emerge victorious. But, originally, we all have the necessary conditions for 1. Discover the talents that God has given us, 2.

develop them and 3. exploit them in any way. It is true that there are people who have a special talent for multiplying money. Maybe you think that you don’t have that talent, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an entrepreneur. The definition of an entrepreneur in Wikipedia is: a person who identifies an opportunity and organizes the resources for turning it on. It is common to use this term to designate a person who creates a business or who is a business opportunity, or someone who starts a project on its own initiative. As you can see, it is customary to think of a business man when we talk about entrepreneurs, but the concept of entrepreneur goes far beyond a mere businessman.An entrepreneur is a person who initiates a project on its own initiative by making use of their creativity, their abilities and their talents. In this broader sense, we are all entrepreneurs.

An inventor who discovers something new is an entrepreneur. An Explorer in search of new horizons is an entrepreneur. A missionary who organizes a mission in the African jungles is an entrepreneur.