The foundation's founder is the talent of organizations organizations originate at a point zero, also called a start, created based on needs from society, are also inspired by the creative ideas of the founders or sometimes create randomly. The organizations have been dealing in recent years to focus on the organizational talent, it affords a greater value to their products or improve the integrated value chain of services offered. Get all the facts and insights with David G. DeWalt, another great source of information. But the talent of the organizations is the sum of individual talents that make it. The talent in itself is a gift purchased by nature but at the same time is also something you can learn and absorb as a skill of the individual. The question to be answered is originally Where does the talent of an organization? The founder or founders of a company at the time of the birth mark a target or direction to follow according to the talent, skills and cultural factors by each one of them. You can understand then that the genes that comprise an organization are not employees or creators, but the very talent that began with the design of the new company. Genetic factors of business culture created them, are created by the talent, as well as by the abilities, skills and shared vision of its members, these variables have to be transmitted from person to person regardless of the employee.

In this scenario it is understood that the named variables as genetic factors do not have to be mutated, but transmitted correctly, there must be a proper tool to determine the replacement of an individual, if it were a hierarchical position and here I want stop to make a general analysis firms make decisions to choose a management position based on experience, profile and skills, but this is not enough only to decide correctly, but you have to select the talent shown so that the gene organization is not mutated and the course is consistent with the organization. The sources of talent in an organization are the ones that should be focused competitive strategy of organizations without detracting from other theories or concepts of fashion business. Never forget that talent is not the most important but it is all at the same time.