Socialization to which they are exposed from birth leads them to first interact with its environment family (or first natural school) there will incorporate a range of attitudes, values and learning very varied (from early knowledge of their own language, to operate with greater autonomy). There are many factors and variables external influencing its evolution and future, but there are some of them that parents can control, and that’s where we must act swiftly and responsibility, the choice of school is one of them. Which aspects and issues must take into account at the moment of choosing an educational establishment that reinforce the values instilled in the home, which enhances their skills and correct its shortcomings, that contains it and stimulate, etc do?. As well in the first instance we should start some personales-familiares questions to then choose that school. That degree of relevance or importance we give to these aspects, among others possible (can assess them 1 to 10 with 1 being the lowest rank), will determine the type of ((((establishment deseado-buscado and depending on that particular profile you will find the school proper in the home or work radio: a) language: bilingual or trilingual – if necessary include: English, German, Italian) b) religion: its confessional character or not, with retreats, catechesis, missions, etc.

c) Sport: with its own sports field, sports that are practiced(, the camaraderie, fitness center with locker room facilities depending on the sport being practised, etc. d) the number of students per classroom: personalized education, small working groups favor the contact and the relationship tie-in, there are fewer distractor elements in learning. (((e) science, the use and application of new technologies: classroom, computer and science lab properly equipped, library and reading room, etc. f) student exchanges: trips to other countries by sports practices, cultural exchange, strengthening of the language, etc. g) been gral of installations: Equipment, comfort infrastructure, school meals, heating, ventilation, lighting. ((h) contact or level of school and extracurricular escuela-comunidad relationship: approach with other organizations and companies: internships, lectures, educational outlets, NGOs purposes solidarios-sociales, ecological, productive, etc. i) existence of psychopedagogical cabinet with professional full time and in relationship to the number of students. (j) coherence between the ideology and the institutional philosophy, its educational project and the concrete reality. Finally some tips to keep in mind before making the final decision: level of closeness to home, coherent relationship offered costos-servicio, inquire with other parents about the characteristics of the establishment, not to stay with the first impression of the facade: web page, first interview, etc, schools with the time change not to hurry in the election, finally and fundamentally: consider preferences, particularities and specific needs of my son/daughter. Take a right at first instance decision will prevent future major disorders such as changes in establishment, wear in interviews with executives and teachers, problems of adaptation, couple rods and learning difficulties. Original author and source of the article