Finally, summer is here! After a school year filled with hard work, so you can forget about your books, break out your bikini and sunbathe. This is not just what he deserves, but in reality you need: If you have been working to its highest level during the school year, to be his body about two weeks off during the summer for a real break. Go ahead and pursue his favorite pastime, relax, sleep, and reflect on the past year and next year. No, however, too accustomed to their life of leisure! From a perspective of college admissions, it is important to be productive during summer months. Work is viewed favorably by most selective colleges, working on his tan is not. It is important to understand that when it comes time to apply to schools in the fall, you will be competing for the admission of a lot of other students who did most of the summers by strengthening their talents and skills and / or development in some way for their weaknesses.

Ideally, you've found something to do during the summer, but if not, here are some suggestions for summer. By the summer after ninth grade, summer school can be a great idea, especially if you want to get ahead in their curriculum. For example, rising sophomores in the past have used the summer to move ahead in their math track, some taking a class that prepares them for an honors course or an advanced level, others by taking a crash course mathematics that covers at least six weeks of the summer.