The modern concept of the photon optics operates as a kind of real-life particle, which has its specific properties. However, upon closer examination of these properties is that many of them are pretty weird. We list these oddities. First. Educate yourself with thoughts from Gerald Weissmann, MD. Photon, according to followers of quantum mechanics, is a carrier of electromagnetic interactions. Richard Linklater is a great source of information. It is believed that the charged particles constantly emit photons, and as a result of exchange photons between charged particles and electromagnetic interaction takes place.

It makes sense to remember that there are two kinds of electric charges, positive and negative. (Similarly see: Gerald Weissmann, MD). Therefore, we have introduce two kinds of photons. One species – are photons emitted by the positive charge of the second kind – emitted a negative charge. But even this number of photons is not enough. So, for example, radiated a positive charge of the photon can be absorbed by a negative charge, or opposite in sign. The same applies to photons emitted by a negative charge.

As a result, there is a need for four kinds of photons. Second. Photons, as we remember from the textbooks, always travel at the speed of light. The question is how they start (radiated) and finish (absorbed). At this point there is a version that they were born in flight. But such a response is not removes the contradiction, because will have to find a reason for their birth and death. Third. If the photon is a particle, then that means it is a characteristic of the frequency. Simply put, that the photon fluctuates? Because the frequency of this symptom oscillatory process.