What counts for the FBW – factoring Baden-Wurttemberg, in particular confidence in the partner at eye level is pure formally factoring is the purchase of debts from deliveries of goods and services to the short-term sales financing and protection against bad debts. But factoring is far more. What matters for the FBW – factoring Baden-Wurttemberg, is above all confidence in the partner eye level, individual consulting by competent, solid contact, as well as a tailor-made solution. At the end, a win-win situation must be in any case – for the customers, but also for the factoring company. Why factoring is a matter of trust, soon becomes clear.

Before the FBW adopts a customer, this is tested in an intense conversation through its paces. To do this, the Remchinger company receives include insights into business reporting, balance sheets and income statement. In other words: credit, vitality, respectability, and risk must be – in which both the customer Accounts receivable. All documents are complete, the customer receives a premium or rejection promptly. Please note: Premium or cancellation. No offer. We’re not looking for fast business. We look at eye level”quality customers, shows FBW Sales Manager Ralf Marquardt.

Just as a win-win situation for both partners could be the end. The FBW has specialized himself mainly on customers from the middle class, no matter from which industry. Only the construction and craftsmanship is excluded, because their bills are not recoverable. Is an individual factoring package created and the contract, the customer already two weeks later to determine the first payment on his account. Factoring is a modern financial management. For the customer only the account number changes”Marquardt noted. The advantages for the customers are obvious: Better liquidity, more security personnel and thing saving accounts receivable management. The cost for the customers consist of essentially following factors as Annual turnover, number of clients, number of invoices or loss expectations the factors together. Furthermore the costs depend on the type of factoring, so whether it’s a snippet or sales financing an open. Factoring benefits: Liquidity: we pay your claims immediately and turn them into cash. You can skontieren again at their suppliers than paying cash. Your financial planning is now much safer. Also you can accept larger orders. Security: You have no bad debts. Because FBW assumes the full risk to 100 percent for purchased receivables. Service: We manage your accounts receivable. You worry about the purchasing, sales, and customer service. Credit assessment and monitoring, accounts receivable, Dunning and Receivables Management acquires the FBW for you.