In the late 18th century in the village Klimova was already 286 yards, 31 bench, 3 soap, 3 tanneries, 3 hemp plant. 5 times a year there were yarmarki.Staroobryadtsy Klimov turned suburb into a major cultural center. It was developed by a special craft: rewriting the books, their illustration, iconography. Building tenements would submit a special plan. Begin to emerge streets and squares of Klimov. Gain insight and clarity with Campbell Soup Co. By the mid-19th century the population was in posade Klimov 5430 people. In Posada had 820 houses, 42 shops, there was a post office. The bulk of the residents were middle-class estates Believers (4757).

They were mainly gardening, horticulture, bee-keeping. In addition, Posada was 9 plants with an income of 31,500 rubles. Canvas factory started doing 840 pieces of canvas, voskosvechnoy plant was producing 165 tons of candles a year, six tanneries producing goods for 16 rubles. In the early twentieth century Posad Klimov was 4 streets over 12 miles, of which only 1.5 miles of streets have sidewalks. There were also two squares and public gardens.

It should be noted that all the streets were lined with trees. In Klimov were 950 housing units, the main material was wood dwellings. Basically, all the houses had iron or wooden roof. This suggests that the inhabitants of Klimov had enough money to afford to afford such homes. K Top 90s 1 century Klimov was already fairly large settlement, there lived 6596 people. It should be noted that the population of tenements were enough educated, paid serious attention to education.