A short hop is certainly easier than a long one, but anyone who wanted to cross a wide ditch to jump start to its center. This, for the Venezuelan case requires urgently restructure its educational system, to rescue what at one time tried to achieve in having a good quality of education. Unfortunately in recent years public and private universities have left a lot to say about academic quality, to the point, not being trained, training professionals from different disciplines with the knowledge needed to address the present challenges, create change needed to ensure results that favor the country. Urge therefore give way to actions to recover the academic excellence, if you really want to break the impasse Venezuela, chaos, educational location. Reactualize is required educational management at all its campuses, authorities have, productive, visionary strategists, innovators who can interpret the national situation, define the profile of professionals that the country needs, but now, facing a state that is totally identified with what it calls Socialism of the XXI century and has led a turbulent environment, uncertain, turbulent. No wonder people say, that today it is clear that the "university, rather than an end in itself, is an institution whose mission, task and results should serve the full and harmonious development of man and society, so in the first place to respond to and accountable to the national community that surrounds and sustains it "(Ramirez et al, 1993). This necessarily implies that his work is evaluated as an institution of higher education that is. .