It was at this time that exploited punk. But, at that time, I was just being a father and had other responsibilities. Please visit film director if you seek more information. I do not believe to be wrong, but it seems that with this answer Moiko evidence a total emotional instability, and if we have outside help the responsibilities are much easier to cope with. Continues the interview: are you who you want? Money, cars, travel, millions. Same as everyone. Without a doubt, the basic values, they are distorted. How can I claim that everybody want that? If we live in opulence, perhaps appreciation can be justified.

The last question I believe that he paints everything that I suspect (as in one of his best pictures). Live in opulence, without that we lack nothing, but at the same time feel that we lack something. Not feel comply with nothing, living in a complete state of desolation and would deny what truly make us happy. Wanting to be happy and not be interested me be happy. Paradox? The interview continues: and for these wishes it was good to come to the Spa called Peru? If. Why I found here everything even a place to work, a lavish workshop, wonderful friends.

But the light of Lima is bad to paint. The light is inside and has to give one. My colors are intense because I’m a Mediterranean, a Jew with cross-identities. I am not religious, why, I’m interested in what men think about God, I’m not interested in Dios. What more I am concerned and I think that it is dangerous, it is to know that people like Moiko, serve as example for young people who are studying fine arts. Thinking that they can believe that that existential philosophy is correct. That’s why I write replicas, everytime I encounter these absurd interviews.