They are enclosed in their own game. Search for standing up of Paladins of world freedom, but they are not able to ensure that these values are respected on its own soil. Liberalism turns into your worst enemy, eager to extend it to all countries on Earth, this becomes deformed, is limited to itself and loses its force. In an every day more globalized world, where ideas and cultural values seem to tend to taken, the reverse is also true: individuality and nationalist feelings emerge stronger than ever. The human being seeks to find its own identity that defines it, that you a place and a recognition in the world. Terrorist groups have their origin if the economic logic of neoliberalism where the nation is threatened; but more importantly, on the identity of groups that come in the expansion of liberalism and its values, and a clear affront to their own, their beliefs and their conception of the world. Bibliography Government of United States of America (September, 2002) The National Security Strategy of the United States of America Fukuyama, Francis.

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