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Soul Campus Party

All the figures that have been passed so far by the Campus Party in Valencia, agree on the message: what you do do it with soul. In his lectures: a sediment of enthusiasm is at the end of each intervention: Via libre then for romantics and those who do not fear at being wrong. The city of Arts and Sciences is these days a nursery of talent, without losing sight of a touch of holiday. In the contagious spirit of camaraderie of the Ciudad de las Artes, Steve Wozniak, one of the creators of Apple and INSPIRER of Silicom Valley, said feel happy everytime I started a new project. Nike takes a slightly different approach. It doesn’t matter that then is not marketed or to frustrate. It has been apoltronar in the comfortable chair of a Board of Directors and has not done so. Keeps alive the spirit of the inventor in the garage of the early days and is claimed campusero. The Californian Bob Allen, an affordable eminence, another that has come to Valencia marking this playful style of doing business, is involved in applying the culture of science fiction of the robot, on a daily basis.

Robots have been some fun at Campus Party, making goodies, like shutting down candles to fires or score goals. And celebrate it jumping and lifting the tentacles. Hope more than them. But Allen, promises us that in fifteen years one of youngsters who swarm this or other Campus Party, following his lectures could be the father of a robot hacelotodo for the field household. Because young people, he says, are delivered to the research work without difficulty as a fun game. The key is to dig the possibilities of electricity and software and combine them.

Have an open mind and not be marked limitations. It is the Council of these elders. And it seems that it has gone well so far. At the Campus Party, plan Mecano and 140 euros may be purchased a kit to make a robot.

Basque Assembly

The donostiarras took victory in the first game of the season. Two goals from agirretxe Arruti gave victory to Basque Assembly in Asturian feud. Caves reduced distances but Sporting did not mark or against ten. The match statistics. Sporting de Gijon began the season as the previous four in first division, losing his first match but this time did not do so before a large but before a presumable direct rival such as Real Sociedad which took advantage of two dnsivas hesitation to take the three points.

Sporting and Real Sociedad played them open the season and did so playing with many precautions although in the first few minutes the locals came out with more momentum and fruit of it arrived that the dessert was their only chance of the first half on a shot of head of the new international Alberto Botia which Claudio Bravo responded with a great stop. But the Real gave his first warning in the same minute with a cross shot from candle that went out for a little. What looked like it was going to be an offensive match became in a touch by visiting party game and an I want and I can not of the Gijon which were unable to perform your usual pressure across the field allowing the donostiarras play with tranquility. Montanier took the ball and drove almost at will because they were able to remove it with tranquility from the dnsa exceeded without problems shy men pressure more Preciado developed that also offered a clear gap in the center of the field where the technician of the Sporting lined an unpublished couple formed the young Sergio alvarez and Eguren. Pressure failed to Sergio alvarez while Eguren is a man of containment but null in the creation by what locals lost the ball very quickly and the San Sebastian just suffered in dnsa where Bravo not had to intervene in the first half.

Healthy Family Dinners

So your whole family follow a balanced and healthy diet, the distribution of energy throughout the day is essential in different intakes: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks, one at mid-morning and another at lunch. In this way, is not passed hunger, so it does not fall into the temptation of chopping undesirable as the pastries or industrial pastry, that bring too many saturated fats, simple sugars and calories between meals. Dinner is usually the last meal of the day, although some people take a recena before bedtime Maria constituted by a glass of milk, juice, or a cookie. You should seek your son to eat those foods of the pyramid which has not taken in the noon meal, either at home or in school meals. They must be food easy to digest (not cause heartburn, reflux or sleep disturbances), such as cooked vegetables, soups, fish or dairy products. Which foods should be included in the dinner?. -Raw salads or cooked vegetables. -Paste or Brown rice, legumes (chickpeas, lentils, soybeans, etc.) and potatoes in small quantities.

They are flatulentos foods that can cause discomfort to persons with delicate stomach. -Fish, eggs (hard, passed on by water, tortilla, scrambled, poached or grilled), poultry or red meat in small amounts. -Accompaniment, white bread or full (integral). -Whole fruits, grated, raw, cooked (baked, compote) or in natural juice. -Dairy products (fresh yogurt, fermented milks, custard, queso fresco or killed, Danonino, etc.). Some tips:-never have to skip dinner. Your body needs energy to operate normally during the 9 hours of sleep until the outlet of the breakfast. -Planning dinners throughout the week based on the menus of the half day.

-Don’t abuse the fried, battered or breaded. -Take in moderation sauces and dressings fatty like mayonnaise, cocktail sauce, ketchup, mustard, etc. – Remove sugary or caffeinated beverages. Disturbed sleep for being exciting. -Do not drink too much water if you do not want waking at night to urinate. This avoids having a pleasant dream. -If on the menu there is no crunchy vegetable salad, ensures that the dessert contains fresh fruit. If, on the other hand, if there are any raw vegetables, can alternate with any dairy product or cooked fruit. As I said, I was never very fond of boiled vegetables such which, or the bland boiled from my mother. Everything was a matter of throw them a little imagination and reinvent all those vegetables that were so sadly my dish every week. As my mother has prepared a boiling and makes even quite cold, we will transform it into a recipe of vegetables with a character a little more winter of that, at least in my house, we usually take. This is a salad with vegetables that we will surely prepare in most houses and we know as jacket salad. The ingredients can vary according to the taste of each, because it supports a lot of variants or ingredients.