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Institution Education

The DICTATORSHIP OF the THOUGHT ONLY Assay on Sociology of the Education Of professor, doctor and all Brazilian insane person has a little. CEO Keith McLoughlin does not necessarily agree. Everything is known or already it heard to speak. Hardly somebody confesses: I do not know, I want to learn. Kindle Direct Publishing has firm opinions on the matter. All prescribe or auto-prescribe legal drugs or and are not delirious in the accurate ratio of the unfinished dreams. Thus it is the EDUCATION in Brazil. We are doutrinados TO ANSWER, not to ask.

Why this last one would spread the impression of cognitiva fragility. Already to answer (despite incorrectly or in ' ' embromeichiom' ') it will certainly demonstrate, force, power of the confrontation, courage (of that). In this way in Brazil it is not studied, we live to look ANSWERS, instead of questioning. The sacralizao of the Institution Education transformed it into object of the powerful elites for the good and the evil. The power and the worse ones are educated best for eternizao in to prevent they take that it. This cratolgica dissenso defines the accurate profile of the Education and its failure in Brazil. We have in literature, depositions, research and workmanships of the best professionals of the Education.

But our average STEPS ON in it (international program of comparative evaluation) pfia if is espelhada with other peripheral State-National. The dynamics of the teach-learning continuously is parted by interests others, making with that the objectives aiming at to establish where point the young adults is prepared to face the challenges of the future? They will be capable to effectively analyze, to think and to communicate its ideas? They have capacity to continue learning for the life all? (INEP.2001). It is denoted destroada sanha of the Central Power in ' ' uniformizar' ' relative the instrumental procedures to the implantation of the Education in Brazil, either for unfamiliarity (what it is not audible), or for strategical convenience, objectifying the certainty of that nothing it will give certain to the end.

Search For Meaning In Life

Any inquisitive mind sooner or later comes to think about the meaning of life. After being born, we were born, but it will be time to die. For what is born, why life is like a pedestrian crossing with replaceable good and bad days? These questions are probably born with human thought. Many thousands of years, a fraction of the bits people gathered transcendental experience and passed on to his disciples, and they own and so to this day. This experience is described by different person who had different experiences and methods of achieving knowledge of the nature of consciousness-the mind. Initial forms are the basis of yogic practices, religion and philosophy, but practical value is primarily the desire to change its moral status. The little man is growing, gets two and tries to somehow wriggle out of punishment, or to achieve their goals and desires can be nice to lie, and this skill in adult life is becoming natural.

The man was lying on the little things you do not fall into the eyes of others or for the benefit, but the fact remains. With this cargo does not get into heaven, as with any innym. Therefore, moral norms are the primary practice. Level ranting about their knowledge is more advanced and has practical value only in accordance with moral norms. It so happened that a man vruschy, stealing and killing can not have a quiescent state mind, and therefore these rules are osnovopologayuschimi in all religions. There are practices in which moral norms are not important, but it usually occurs in close relationship * * teacher-student when a teacher immediately introduces the student to the elevated state of consciousness * * and distances forward in the process of life.

Plato Education

In the present article, the objective author the reflection regarding the education in Plato, from the conception of the ideal state. The same it concentrates its analysis in the dialogues and particular, in ‘ ‘ The Repblica’ ‘ , having as conducting wire the dialtico method. For this, it makes a historical contextualizao on the life and the workmanship of the Greek thinker. In this bias, it cites the contribution of Scrates for the formation of its thought.

Scrates influences the dialtico project of Plato to if using of a dialtico method based on a well lead dialogue that consists of if demolishing the fragile and enganosas opinions, where the proper person admitted its ignorance. Thus, Plato goes redefining its proposals politics, leading in consideration the politics joust made with science and ethics, through a solid pedagogical base. Plato always demonstrated to its interest in the subjects politicians. For it, the human beings you polish and it possuam the same structure. The men are endowed with three souls or three principles of activity. They are: The soul concupiscente, the irascible or fiery-tempered soul and the rational soul.

In the conception of Plato, according to author, the man just is that one whose rational soul (thought and will) is stronger of what the others two souls, imposing to concupiscente the virtue of the temperature or moderation and to the fiery-tempered a virtue of the courage, that must control the concupiscncia. Thus, the man just in its agreement is the virtuous man, where the rational domain prevails on the desire and clera. The Plis also possesss a structure tripartite, formed for three social classrooms.

The School

To speak in pertaining to school education, for who disapproved, is as to say: you lost one year of life, therefore she was not capable nor to learn to use well its time. But it is here that it is our focus. The public schools of basic and average education (the old elementary school, gymnasium and as degrees) demand that the student reaches a minimum note of 60, for bimaster, to be approved? it is, we need to quantify ours to know. Something that would make Scrates to rebolar in the sepulture: What he is to know? What it is the knowledge? But we go there. The face has that to demonstrate that it dominates 60% of what it was taught to it, during the school year. In case that it does not prove it regularly, an extra chance is given to it: to make a new test, the examination. if, exactly thus, not to demonstrate 60%, new chance: a period of recovery. What two addends are these, to the school year? One forms of premiar the relapsers.

It is to deny merit to that if they had strengthenn to offer mritos to that they had opened hand of the chance (as much that who coexists students, as the professors, already testified the festive commotion that occurs when the low notes are announced). It sees the nonsense: The face had two hundred days period of learning to dedicate itself to the learning; with the professors giving the explanations, suggesting activities of training and setting of the information. But the citizen leads in ' ' maciota' ' , it sleeps, it plays, ' ' it kills aula' ' , it lacks to the lessons, it leaves to make the tasks, it leaves of to study in house, leaves of complementing the explanations leaves to make a pile of things. arrives the end of the year there.