Cream differ from the higher concentration of milk fat components. Apply to face, or a cotton swab with a little money and lightly Clean lines, massaging the skin. Lotions, tonics. This liquid cleansers, they do not require water. Can be used as stand-alone cleaning agents and to remove any residual cleaning other assets on the face and neck. Their complex formula combines cleansing, calming and restorative components. Dampen a cloth or cotton pad and wipe the tool face. These tools are easy on the road or when there is time and effort in normal skin cleansing.

Special tools for removing makeup. There are special tools from different vendors for removing makeup from the individual sections of the face such as eyes or lips. There are specialized means for removing waterproof makeup, or, for example, theatrical makeup. Special Makeup Remover has a complex composition, adapted to a particular area of the face, they quickly and efficiently remove makeup, giving sense of comfort. They may be called differently – Makeup removal, makeup remover, remover, etc. Carefully read the annotation for each item and follow the manufacturer's recommendations. Related tools. It is not necessary use makeup remover ordinary wool.

Need to pick up for this purpose cotton swabs or discs, cotton buds of good quality. These products must consist of 100% cotton or a blend of cotton and viscose. Pay attention to the fact that cotton goods have been bleached without chlorine, otherwise you may get an allergic reaction. The surface of the disk and cotton sticks should be smooth, hair should not be separated from the product.