With new domestic appliances save money and relieve the environment than Smeg want dealer we run stories, how you can save electricity with a timely fridge from Smeg. (Digression: Smeg is an Italian manufacturer of household appliance, which is among others equally famous for Smeg stove) Because Yes, refrigerators and freezers in our kitchen are around the clock in use, it is very worthwhile to pay attention to the power consumption for our wallet. Did you, for example, that in a German household more than a third of the flow of kitchen appliances such as refrigerators, etc. – is consumed? No? In this story, we have gained a large number of valuable information – from the acquisition to the use – of refrigerators that will help you immensely to save money. Where the refrigerator consumes the least electricity? Refrigerators and freezers leave temperature of the environment, to cool off the inside on the appropriate cold. Imagine the best Save refrigerator power? Be sure to put only cold food in the refrigerator. Let thaw frozen food in the fridge from Smeg. The seals on the door of the refrigerator should be flawlessly intact and clean close, so not useless refrigerant escapes.

If a light Frost forms in the Smeg fridge, this is perfectly normal. This Frost is still thicker or formed from a layer of ice, so the power consumption increases in this way also. If a layer of ice has formed, should be in between defrost. Who not want to worry about, can get a device with a so-called “no-frost function”. It saves you the annoying defrosting, cost but a little more energy. The “no-frost function” may be appropriate but, if you must open the fridge door umpteen times and thus increasing moisture in the Smeg fridge, which usually results in the formation of ice. You use the contents of the refrigerator, because an empty fridge uses more energy than a full fridge from Smeg.