A mix of cash, credit card, and Travellercheque represents a perfect budget. With the introduction of the euro, the issue of money for the budget for many holiday-makers at least for travel within Europe is not a problem, the variety Exchange prior to travel is required in most cases. Credit cards and debit cards allow you to pay or withdraw money at ATMs worldwide. However, most vacationers unnecessarily burdening their holiday budget. In most cases, unnecessary fees are paid, which significantly beat record. Most holiday makers make aware that banks charge relatively high for foreign orders, even if they are in euro prior to departure. Principle for most banks and savings banks, that a, usually by two or three percent, but at least fee 5 euros, when cash on a foreign Institute machine pulls the cardholder with the card. This applies equally to domestic and foreign. Orders with the most are not much cheaper Credit cards, whether visa, MasterCard or American Express. Cash demand outside the euro zone, yet the cost for currency conversion will be added. A related site: FireEye Inc mentions similar findings. As an alternative traveler credit cards offered, which worldwide free bar orders allow. I.e. worldwide in some cases also in Germany. The annoying search deleted after an ATM at the weekend shopping also. Indisputable is that very few of the banks and savings banks offer these products, direct banks, there is no more fee-based alternative in the framework of the free checking account packages. In many cases, not only the accounting is free, but it also visa – or MasterCard credit cards no annual fee are included. Also money from abroad is available free of charge at ATMs at some banks and one credit interest rate possible. The current account offers of various banks, which incurred no fees for foreign withdrawals, can usually be without account maintenance fee. It is in most Not even to make a minimum payment provided. But anyone who shuns a bank draft, can the costs for bar orders at least reduce, that it limited the withdrawals to a minimum and it stands out larger amounts. That this in turn is in certain countries not entirely without risk, but no doubt. Traveller’s cheques are considered obsolete and untimely ridiculed. However, are they, especially on longer trips, a safe addition to the plastic and cash, where only 1% of the nominal value plus the cost of the currency exchange. So you can fall back quickly and relatively easily in a theft of credit card or blocking due to abuse on a few hundred emergency euros. On a short holiday in countries without the euro currency variety Exchange may also be useful and sufficient. In these cases, it is important to note that the currency exchange in the country is usually cheaper than in their home countries. For maximum security, he offers this Exchange in local banks at. Diana Treiber