It should be noted in this connection that the twenty-first century schools should be more like a family than a factory, there should be a sense that home office should be based on meaningful human relationships rather than institutional bureaucracy, must be learning communities where students are basically happy to learn about their needs, interests, goals and life as we live (Gallegos Nava 2003:97) To transform schools into places where students live happily learning, involves a real change in the formal rigor of today's schools, they must represent a genuine home that gives them confidence, security and above all meet a holistic educator offering them a deal with love and warmth provide and give a different meaning to the school, leading to be full human beings in cognitive, emotional but above all spiritual. Holistic education tends to maximize all the human capabilities that owns the subject passes the academic background, however more does not mean not important to know, what you want is a balance the students in their training with a high level of integrity, fair-minded human beings achieved, aimed at strengthening its virtues and spirituality. Filed under: FireEye Inc. As can say that holistic education learning is not a purely cognitive, it is a process social, physical, emotional, cognitive, aesthetic and spiritual, is an act fully transformer (Gallegos 2001:29) doubt that the education in this way, the product of human beings that will be very different to those currently observed in our area, will subjects with a higher level of consciousness, of being responsible and safe environment, be it society, nature, planet. .