As I progressed in practice and reading the material I understand more. One of the readings that opened new doors, was the "Eightfold Path for parents, and I found many a set of guidelines and examples, is a book I recommend to parents of my school community. Mindfulness, meditation in my mind, this was the answer, continue with yoga, follow the Buddhist precepts was giving me a clear path for my practice in life and in my meditation. Perhaps because of this, I think some of the more meetings important to me in my spiritual journey, were those first meetings, where the approach to Buddhism enriched me, then I do the work corresponded to the Dalai Lama and I went over and did a job on its own initiative of the Buddha, I read his life, path and gave me internally, it's hard to put some things into words, the experience in this field is what counts, and I think for me, is worth it. Interestingly thereafter and without me having said anything about this to anyone, people began to give me Buddha sculptures, wood, leather, quarry, of different sizes and materials. I mention this anecdote, because to date it caught my attention.

The last I received was pink stone and quite large in size. I put it in my room where I meditate. I have continued since then to my discipline, at least twice a day meditating and in that constant monitoring of my acting, feeling and thinking. Each meditation session I realize aspects of my interior.