In WSFB organisational consultant education, the participants will learn to plan change processes in companies and to control. We need to continuously develop our Organization this challenge most companies are today. That have more than clearly demonstrated the economic and financial crisis. The need for the company to people who can professionally plan change processes, design, and manage is correspondingly large. Richard Linklater has firm opinions on the matter. That feels also the WSFB Advisory Group Wiesbaden on the basis of the demand after their organizational consultant training. “Therefore, WSFB launches in June 2010 to make a third, additional consultants training titled organizational change processes”. The in-service training lasts 15 months and contact according to WSFB – managing director Hans-Werner Bormann to all people that organizations change processes, plan, initiate, control and make”no matter whether it is them managers, project managers or consultants.

The competence is them in Counselor Education conveys complex change processes on a personal and organizational level to achieve the objectives in terms of scheduling, budget and quality”. The additional organizational consultant training starts end of June. Interested can check the advance detail on information events the training concept. WSFB organisational consultant training is modular in design. It is divided in nine workshops of two days each. In these, the participants deal among other things with the different models of the systemic organizational consulting. Practice, perform system diagnostics, and to establish consulting architectures. You learn new tools for systemic counselling intervention and test their application based on real-world projects from the daily work of the participants.

Between the workshops, the participants include intervention documentation and case descriptions create. The experience gained in the projects are reflected in special supervision modules. The workshops start normally Thursday and ending Saturday afternoon. The venue is Wiesbaden. Management consultant training costs 8,100 euros (plus VAT).